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About Us

Food trucks are intricately woven into history. In America, the Chuck wagon known as the "Father of the Texas Panhandle," Charles Goodnight is the start for what is today the food truck. In 1866, Goodnight, a cattle herder, realized the difficultly to cook proper meals during cattle drives. He took a sturdy old United States Army Wagon and constructed interior shelving and drawers. He then stocked the wagon with tableware and utensils, spices and medical supplies, including castor oil and quinine. Serving food, drinks and more along his route. Laying the blueprint for

the American Food Truck. 

Now food trucks today are eons away from the original Chuck wagon's but one thing still remains. We love the culture and cuisine food trucks have to offer! Realizing the joy people received each day from eating from their favorite food truck paired with entrepreneurs following their dreams, Chicago Food Truck Festival was created. We are in our tenth season and have enjoyed your company. See you soon. 


​Chicago Food Truck Festival 


"Bon Appettite"


Alex Blackshire
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